Six-legged house guests

Dear owners and residents,

It has come to the attention of the board that cockroaches have been spotted in several apartments on different floors of the building. While we do not suspect at this time that this is a serious and widespread infestation, we just want to remind everyone that cockroaches primarily enter units through HVAC “chases” and entry points around plumbing coming from the walls. Sealing these entryways can help keep unwelcome guests like these out of your unit and provide fewer places within the building that they can congregate and reproduce.
However, as it has been quite cold, driving most living things indoors, it may be worth applying some insecticides soon to try to kill off our unwelcome guests. If you would like to have the building’s exterminator apply cockroach treatment in your unit, please, contact Terry or me by Tuesday March 3rd to let us know of your interest. This is entirely voluntary. However, the treatment will be most effective, if more owners opt in.
Thanks for your consideration, and I will be happy to try to address any questions or concerns on this topic.
Blake J. Stabler
Unit 307